Golf and Martial Arts


Golf is is like many modern sports. Theres a ball you have to control, huge branding around equipment, and its best performers get international fame.

It shares another less obvious key similarity with most modern sports. There is rarely any mental discipline taught at low / local levels as part of training.

This is why most sports end up being nice hobbies, social clubs or pass-times for young people before they ditch their active life for one thats more sedentary.

Martial arts is 180 degrees opposite. The purpose of true martial arts training is to cultivate discipline. Doesnt matter if youre doing kung fu, karate, taekwono, boxing. You are taught power. But you are taught how to control power. You are taught the difficulties of the path to gaining power. That is, you learn these things if the instructors understand the true value of learning a martial art.

Armidale martial arts certainly deliver on this objective. Most of the instructors in Armidale understand that through the long process of learning the physical skills, lessons will be learnt that can scarcely be learnt in any other way for youths. The lessons of bearing pain, building routine around repetition but beneficial behaviours, delaying gratification, and breaking through performance plateaus.

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Golf, soccer, tennis; they all attract people with requisite talent and resources to become high level player. Its the lack of understanding of the path to peak performance that stops them. Many young players experience marked plateaus in their performance in most sports, then sit apathetically at that level until real life pulls them away from their sport. They never get to develop a skill. They never imprint a training discipline into their mind and being before being forced away. Think how many people would be healthier if they knew how to build a strong training habit and routine, not just how to go for a jog or lift a kettle bell.

You can spot a martial artist out of uniform in many ways. If the person has learnt strong character traits from their training, they will likely be familiar with the process of producing results, short or long term. Its not to say that martial arts guarantees spectacular success, it means that most people who attain competence in martial arts are probably competent learners, and are more comfortable than average with challenge, prolonged and repetitive work (that produces results) and apparent stalls in progress. In short they understand the process of getting results.

It is this kind of people that come out of martial arts Armidale. The basic skills required to kick take a lot of repetitive work to acquire.

The same goes for grappling basics. Escapes, restraints and submissions are very technical, and cannot be done under pressure without solid and subconsciously engrained motor engrams.

Armidale has a wide range of high quality marital arts.

Martial arts in Armidale is under represented though. Dominant sports are soccer, rugby, hockey and the like.

Armidale is home to many schools and a university, it does not lack potential participants. Martial arts is still misunderstood. The ease and social unity of the popular sports still wins out over true skill acquisition and long term development. But thats the same everywhere, its human nature.

In decades gone sports like boxing and karate have grown and shrunk and left their mark on Armidale, as in most other places. What is left though, not just in Armidale, is a group of very old coaches and instructors who struggle to relate to and attract the young people martial arts needs to pull participants away from other sports. In most cases there is a strong group of people among the other sports who are only there by default – they have no other options and their friends are doing it. But they also would suit martial arts. When they have tried they have found it to strict, or not engaging.

What we now see is a resurgence heralded in arts that have moved with the times. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a prime example. Jiu Jitsu has predominantly young instructors – people 40 and under, not 50 and older, as leaders. This naturally attracts young people in much higher numbers.

Hopefully as time moves forward these young people will take the discipline learnt in martial arts and apply to things like golf. And perform better, for way longer.


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